About Us

Our company since 2004; Technical and Management Teams, Workshops, Service Providers, Partners and Relays provide services to you our esteemed guests.

  • Our Office:You can contact us in any matter and situation to answer your questions. You can find Internet, French Library and material catalogs.
  • Technical Service:Carries out the boat maintenance and follows the work done by the workshops, provides summer-winter service and helps in technical sense.
  • Workshop:We have selected Workshops they are all experienced and experienced in their branches.
  • Service providers:Turkey also facilitate the life of yachtsmen traveling on a boat off the coast. Quality and reasonable prices (eg car rental agencies, travel agencies, insurance agents, etc.).
  • Partners: It is a club chosen by the club, with its quality in its profession, its seriousness in its services and its reasonable prices in the economy sector.
  • Relays:in the villages on the coast of Turkey, embedded in the cove are an organization working with yachtsmen. Our yacht owners provide service and assistance when they encounter any problems.
  • Our workshops, service providers, partners and relays have signed the MEMBER and SERVICE QUALITY AGREEMENT